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I’m not just an engineer, I’m a femgineer

Looks like the job market is hot right now for engineers; Web 2.0 companies are sprouting up everyone, and as always there’s a dearth of quality engineers. So I’m sure it takes recruiters and managers a lot of effort to lure good engineers away from their existing jobs. Now I’m not one to get offended very easily, but I thought it was quite humorous when I recently received this email in my LinkedIn inbox… Hi Poornima, I took a look at your profile ... Read more

Top 10 Reasons I haven’t blogged in months

I’ve been getting a lot of flack for not having posted a new blog article so in months, I guess people are actually wondering what this femgineer is upto… Here are my list of excuses/activities that have detracted my focus from writing an article recently: 10. My parents came to visit for a week (need I say more??) 9. Trips/Driving around the freaking Bay Area 8. Trying to stay in shape (swimming, bikram yoga, running) 7. Networking/Socializing 6. Taking care of sick/incapacitated friends 5. Taking care of ... Read more