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Freedom: Fuel for a Start-up

For almost 7 months I’ve been working at a start-up, and I’ve noticed how incredibly motivated and productive my colleagues and myself are despite the long hours, Hibernate issues, and lack of heat in our building. And even though I’m starting to get a little burned out, I still want to work and talk about the product every day of my life. So I started to wonder why I, and so many other engineers at start-ups, unlike our counterparts at large companies, ... Read more

Why are YOU an engineer?

  I get asked this question quite often at networking and social events especially by my counterparts. I’ve noticed that no one seems to ask my male colleagues the same question. I can understand why they ask me the this question in particular; I’m young, energetic, feminine, and seem to be pretty extroverted for an engineer and in particular a female engineer. But, the real question they are asking is why are you working for a start-up as an engineer? Most start-ups ... Read more

Lifestyles of the Girly and Geeky

I was sitting in my third grade classroom when I decided that I was going to be a lawyer. Why did I want to be a lawyer, because a lawyer reads, writes, argues, and defends ideas. Those are all the skills I wanted to practice in my career. After I made the decision to become a lawyer, and told my parents about it I began preparing myself for it. I read voraciously, joined the debate team, studied philosphy, learned a new ... Read more